Producer / co-director Jeffrey Brown first visited the Strakonice Bagpipe Festival in 2000. Having lived in the Czech Republic for 20 years, he has produced a number of documentaries and narrative features in Europe, Africa and North America, screening on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, PBS and more.  He splits time between the Czech lands and Austin, TX.

Writer / co-director Keith Jones has lived in the Czech Republic for the last 20 years and has directed a number of documentaries, including the feature documentaries Punk in Africa and Vinyl Generation. He is currently working on a feature documentary on the South African band The Flames.

Director Radim Spáček  has directed a number of feature films, including the critically acclaimed Young Men Discovering the World, and Walking Too Fast winner of  six Czech Academy Awards, including Best Film and Best Director. Radim has shot docs in Afghanistan and India and several TV series for Czech TV.

Producer, photographer and camera operator Minna Pyyhkala lived in Prague for 20 years before relocating to Boston, Mass. Her art exhibits include, The Split Up (Helsinki) and Hi-Die (Slovakia), among others. Minna teaches conceptually-oriented art photography workshops in Prague and Boston.

Cameraman Dalibor Fencl has shot music cilps, experimental films and short documentaries over the last several years in the Czech lands and internationally.